HiWither Anti-Slip Shimmy Half Pad (NM28SS)

£ 95.73 incl VAT.

New for 2018 we are sure the NM28 will soon become a real favourite. Hugely versatile this half pad includes 6 removable shims to help keep your saddle balanced all year through shape changes and between saddle fitting appointments. The top layer of our proven mesh helps prevent slipping keeping your horse as comfortable as possible. This pad is machine washable and can even be used without shims as a standard half pad for added back protection.


  • HiWither
  • Possibly our most versatile half pad
  • Anti-Slip top layer
  • 5oz quilt lining
  • Includes 6x 5mm neoprene shims (4 front, two rear)
  • Additional shims available separately in 5mm, 10mm and 15mm thicknesses
  • NOTE: Brown quilt variant has black mesh

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  • Saddle Type Dressage, General Purpose, Jump - Close Contact
  • Material Quilt
  • Saddle Size Large, Medium, Extra Large
  • Product Half Pad
  • Colour Black, Brown, White
  • Features Anti Slip, Corrective Shim, HiWither

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HiWither Anti-Slip Shimmy Half Pad (NM28SS)

HiWither Anti-Slip Shimmy Half Pad (NM28SS)