3D Spacer

Made using a 3D spacer fabric that offers the very best in comfort, hygiene, breathability and cushioning. The performance of the NuuMed Spacer is never compromised by the use of other internal foams allowing all 3D Spacer saddlepads work to their absolute best.

Anti-Slip 3D Spacer Endurance Pad (SP30MM)

£ 164.88 incl VAT.

The NuuMed range of Spacer saddlepads have been created using a leading edge multi-functional 3D textile which offers superior comfort, hygiene, breathability and cushioning. Proven to work in all climates with high moisture transfer levels the 3D spacer molds to your horses back while supporting your saddle. The addition of our proven Anti-Slip Mesh provides additional traction to saddles which are known to slip with minimal impact on saddle fit or the saddlepad's breathability.


  • HiWither
  • Anti-Slip Mesh lining- Latex and Toxin Free
  • Perfect for endurance riding
  • Can be used with all types of endurance saddle
  • Very lightweight
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable

The 3D Spacer material is a revolution in saddlepad construction that offers the very best in comfort, hygiene , breathability and cushioning. The structure of the material ensures a consistent air flow and is never compromised with additional internal foams. 3D spacer evenly spreads pressure and also has great shock absorbency properties as well as being machine washable. 3D Spacer will not delaminate or breakdown and will last season after season.

Love this product but need one minor change? Adjustments cost from just £9 +VAT (including change of quilt colour or straps) Call us on 01458 210324 or e-mail info@nuumed.com

  • Saddle Type Endurance
  • Material Spacer
  • Saddle Size One Size
  • Product Saddlepad
  • Colour Black
  • Features HiWither, Anti Slip

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Anti-Slip 3D Spacer Endurance Pad (SP30MM)

Anti-Slip 3D Spacer Endurance Pad (SP30MM)