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A general purpose or all purpose saddle can be used for most equestrian sports - and NuuMed’s range of GP or AP saddlepads and numnahs offers you a wide variation to suit all activities and all levels of saddle fit from a very well fitted saddle that only needs a quilt pad to a full wool option. 

With most saddlepads cut to NuuMed’s HiWither design to ensure optimum fit and comfort for your horse choose one of our unrivalled full wool numnahs, a top selling half wool design with or without collars, a classy velvet, a fabulous ProPad or one of the best quality quilts available. All GP designs come with long tabs as standard and are machine washable.

Classic Classy Tweed 1 (SP07 GP)


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£ 64.20 incl VAT.

Searching for the perfect combination of style and fit? NuuMed's brand new Classic Classy Tweed collection is the answer. 

This country green tweed saddlepad is cut to the HiWither design, so there's plenty of clearance over the withers and behind the cantle of the saddle.

A real head turner this Christmas that will look great wash after wash. 

Available in one size (large) for a limited time only - whilst stocks last! 

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  • Saddle Type General Purpose
  • Saddle Size One Size
  • Product Saddlepad
  • Features HiWither

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Classic Classy Tweed 1 (SP07 GP)

Classic Classy Tweed 1 (SP07 GP)