Half Pads

NuuMed half pads are an essential product for any tack room. Cut to the HiWither design to ensure there is no pressure over the withers or along the spine.

The half pads are all made using 100%  British Wool (see materials page for more details) are very smart, fit superbly, are easy to look after and come in a range of quilt/wool colour options. The pads can be worn straight onto a horse’s back or on top of a HiWither quilt saddlepad – this is important to ensure the benefits of the HiWither design are maintained.

All Half Pads come with short D-ring tabs as standard and are machine washable.

HiWither 2 Pocket Half Shimmy Pad (NM23SS)

£ 51.00 incl VAT.

A versatile half pad with a memory foam inner and 2 corrective shim pockets on either side. It comes with 6 corrective shims. Comes in one shape and no top straps.

Shims can be inserted or removed as required making the design an adaptable product. It comes with 6 corrective shims, two 5mm shims in each pocket at the front and one 5mm shim in each pocket at the back, as standard. Additional shims can be purchased separately. Similar to the NM04SS but does not have a wool underside.

  • Saddle Type General Purpose
  • Material Quilt
  • Saddle Size Extra Large, Large, Medium
  • Product Half Pad
  • Colour Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Red
  • Features Corrective Shim, HiWither

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HiWither 2 Pocket Half Shimmy Pad (NM23SS)

HiWither 2 Pocket Half Shimmy Pad (NM23SS)