There is no substitute for a well fitted saddle, but a NuuMed Corrective saddlepad or numnah is the ideal, easy to use temporary option to get the best possible saddle fit on your horse.

The pads are invaluable when:

  • a horse changes shape
  • when one saddle is used on a variety of  horses
  • a horse has definite preference for one side over the other or laterality
  • asymmetry in his back due to injury

They are also very popular with saddle fitters, particularly when fitting a young horse and one that has lost his top line - maybe after a layoff - and among saddle fitters who like to fit slightly wide to allow a horse to develop.


All corrective pads are machine washable (please remove the shims first).

HiWither Wool/Quilt Endurance Pad with Corrective Shims (SP14SS)

£ 170.34 incl VAT.

Truly a pad for all seasons the removable shims all you to refine your saddle fit as you horse changes shape throughout the year. Great for rehab as well as horses who struggle to keep a consistent condition throughout the season the SP14SS allows you to keep your saddle in balance and let your horse perform to their best. The pad is made with 100% British wool lining and collars. Four pockets under the panels of your saddle for the corrective shims allow you to temporarily fine tune your saddle fit. The pad comes with 2 shims for each side at the front and one for each side at the back. This pad is multi-purpose and can also be used with no shims. Additional shims also available to purchase at different thicknesses.


  • HiWither
  • Designed for endurance and long hours in the saddle
  • Wide corrective shims included
  • Fine tunes saddle fit on a temporary basis
  • Fully lined with British Wool
  • Note: Red & Blue wool is a high performance poly/british wool blend

Choosing your saddlepad or numnah Caring for your Griffin Nuumed Products

Love this product but need one minor change? Adjustments cost from just £9 +VAT (including change of quilt colour or straps) Call us on 01458 210324 or e-mail Griffin Nuumed always recommend consulting an SMS qualified saddler, saddle fitter or other suitably qualified person before using corrective products

  • Saddle Type Endurance
  • Material Wool
  • Saddle Size One Size
  • Product Saddlepad
  • Colour Black, Blue, Brown, White, Red
  • Features HiWither

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HiWither Wool/Quilt Endurance Pad with Corrective Shims (SP14SS)

HiWither Wool/Quilt Endurance Pad with Corrective Shims (SP14SS)




One Size



The dimensions indicated are approximate and for guidance only.  Dimensions include collars, where these are fitted.  All dimensions are in centimetres.