Working Hunter

NuuMed’s range of Working Hunter and Show numnahs are not only smart and discrete but offer superior comfort for your horse allowing him to show himself to his best all year round. The range includes full wool, half wool, acrylic, pure quilt and an increasingly popular shimmy Working Hunter numnah, ideal for keeping your saddle in balance through the season and between saddle fittings. 

All WH and Show numnahs come with long tabs as standard and are machine washable.

Light weight Wool Numnah with Shims not HiWither (NM44SS)

£ 139.89 incl VAT.

This 5oz quilt numnah with lightweight british wool underside and rolled edge has the addition of our corrective shim pockets. This numnah comes with 6 corrective shims (4 front, 2 rear shims.) Designed to help with saddle fit on a temporary basis due to a horses changing shape or if the same saddle is used on different shaped horses. Shims can be inserted or removed as required making the design an adaptable product and a must for any yard. Additional shims at varying thickness can be purchased separately.


  • NOT HiWither
  • Four shim pockets
  • Six shims included
  • Available in extra small - extra large
  • Very hard wearing
  • Machine washable

Choosing your saddlepad or numnah Caring for your Griffin Nuumed Products

Love this product but need one minor change? Adjustments cost from just £9 +VAT (including change of quilt colour or straps) Call us on 01458 210324 or e-mail

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Light weight Wool Numnah with Shims not HiWither (NM44SS)

Light weight Wool Numnah with Shims not HiWither (NM44SS)



Size A B C D
X/Small 42 16 29 41
Small 45 18 33 42
Medium 47 19 35 45
Large 50 20 38 47
Extra Large 55 22 41 50


The dimensions indicated are approximate and for guidance only. Dimensions include collars, where these are fitted. All dimensions are in centimetres.