There is no substitute for a well fitted saddle, but a NuuMed Corrective saddlepad or numnah is the ideal, easy to use temporary option to get the best possible saddle fit on your horse.

The pads are invaluable when:

  • a horse changes shape
  • when one saddle is used on a variety of  horses
  • a horse has definite preference for one side over the other or laterality
  • asymmetry in his back due to injury

They are also very popular with saddle fitters, particularly when fitting a young horse and one that has lost his top line - maybe after a layoff - and among saddle fitters who like to fit slightly wide to allow a horse to develop.


All corrective pads are machine washable (please remove the shims first).

Extra Shim

£ 14.28 incl VAT.

Extra shim inserts for use with NuuMed's very popular range of corrective numnahs, half pads and saddlepads. Please select your item (NM04SS, NM11SS) and then the thickness you require in front or back shims. Shims comes in pairs - front or back.


  • Available in three thicknesses: 5mm, 10mm, 15mm
  • Different shapes to compliment different products
  • Memory foam
  • Bought in pairs
  • Accessories Horse Accessories
  • Product Accessories
  • Features Corrective Shim

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Extra Shim

Extra Shim