NuuMed’s accessories range is an eclectic mix of products offering additional comfort the horse and ideas to make the rider’s life a little easier.Some if the products are the result of customers asking if we could produce an item which they felt would be of benefit to others… so we made them and they have joined the range.

So if you have anything that you feel needs to be made for use in your sport, please contact us.

Wool Comb

£ 2.55 incl VAT.

NuuMed are always striving to advise customers how to look after their products to increase longevity. Wool products should be washed at no more than 40C with our NuuWash liquid or non biological washing liquid. Dry the product naturally away from direct heat and then comb the wool with the wool comb so that it is kept in good condition. You will really see the benefits!


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Wool Comb

Wool Comb