Whether you are taking part in a pleasure ride, a graded endurance ride or a competitive event anywhere in the world, making sure your horse's back is comfortable is a key factor in a successful competition or placing.

NuuMed endurance pads are proven performsers and offer all the attributes needed in the top quality endurance pad. Whether you choose the wool or the Polywool options, both are odel regulators of body temperature, are machine washable and very hard wearing.

HiWither Original wool Numnah (NM02B GP)

£ 105.00 incl VAT.

NuuMed's HiWither Original Wool Numnah is a best seller year after year and is best suited to horse's who are under the saddle for long periods.

The HiWither design means there is plenty of clearance over the withers and also behind the cantle of the saddle, reducing pressure from key areas.

Made with 100% British wool, NuuMed's HiWither Original wool numnah is a great choice for your horse. Wool can absorb 30% its own weight in moisture before feeling damp meaning its an excellent material for wicking sweat away from the horse's back. As it is made from natural fibres, the wool numnah will provide great support and is also suitable for horses with sensitive backs.

  • Saddle Type General Purpose
  • Material Wool
  • Saddle Size Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Product Numnah
  • Colour Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Red, White
  • Features HiWither, Collars / Rolled Edge

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HiWither Original wool Numnah (NM02B GP)

HiWither Original wool Numnah (NM02B GP)