Dressage HiWither Half Wool Shimmy Numnah (NM08ASS DR)

£ 135.24 incl VAT.

The numnah is the ideal answer if extra saddle lift is required on a temporary basis due to a horse's changing shape or to help with saddle fit if the same saddle is used on different shaped horses. This HiWither shimmy numnah is based on the HiWither half wool numnah but has an additional layer of memory foam in the design and two shimmy pockets either side into which the user can insert shims. This numnah is in general purpose style and comes with long top straps as standard.


  • HiWither
  • Two pockets each side
  • Includes six shims (four front & 2 rear)
  • Very hard wearing
  • Machine washable
  • Short straps
  • Half wool lining

Advantages of Wool Caring for your Griffin Nuumed Products

Love this product but need one minor change? Adjustments cost from just £9 +VAT (including change of quilt colour or straps) Call us on 01458 210324 or e-mail info@nuumed.com Griffin Nuumed always recommend consulting an SMS qualified saddler, saddle fitter or other suitably qualified person before using corrective products

  • Saddle Type Dressage
  • Material Half Wool
  • Saddle Size Extra Large, Large, Medium
  • Product Numnah
  • Colour Black, Brown, White
  • Features Corrective Shim, HiWither

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Dressage HiWither Half Wool Shimmy Numnah (NM08ASS DR)

Dressage HiWither Half Wool Shimmy Numnah (NM08ASS DR)