Luxury Gullet Free

NuuMed's Gullet Free range aims to accommodate highly sensitive, cold backed horses or horses under saddle for long periods of time. All of the products are made with the luxury 100% British wool - the highest density used by NuuMed. As the wool used in the luxury Gullet Free range is so dense, we recommend checking if they are suitable with your saddlefitter, especially if you have a particularly well fitting saddle. Alternatively, you may like to consider one of our 'Original Wool Numnahs' (search for NM02A or NM02B in the search bar).

The luxury wool over the horses back protects the key pressure points whilst allowing the rider to maintain a close leg contact. It helps adsorb the sweat keeping the horses back dry and improving comfort. The gullet of the saddlepad and numnah is removed so that the spine is kept free to prevent any discomfort for a sensitive horse.p

Gullet Free HiWither Half Wool Saddlepad (GF SP01 GP)

£ 119.42 incl VAT.

NuuMed's gullet free half wool saddlepad uses luxury wool on either side of the saddlepad, leaving the gullet free from wool. This means the saddlepad can still sit up in the gullet of the saddle, allowing sufficient air flow and yet the horse can still benefit from the dense wool which provides the best level of comfort for the horse. Leaving the sides free of wool allows the rider to maintain a close communication with their horse.


  • Our most dense luxury wool
  • HiWither Shape
  • Gullet free
  • Very hardwearing
  • Machine Washable
  • Long straps as standard
  • Ideal for embroidery

All Nuumed Wool is knitted onto a cotton yarn giving you all the wool you need with no skin attached. Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before feeling damp allowing you to keep your horse dry & comfortable. The natural fibres of the wool are hypoallergenic and less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies. 100% renewable & 100% biodegradable.

The advantages of wool Caring for your Nuumed Products

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  • Saddle Type General Purpose
  • Material Half Wool
  • Saddle Size Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Product Saddlepad
  • Colour Black, Brown, White
  • Features HiWither, Gullet Free

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Gullet Free HiWither Half Wool Saddlepad (GF SP01 GP)

Gullet Free HiWither Half Wool Saddlepad (GF SP01 GP)