Racing Lines

NuuMed’s range of racing saddlepads is based on the concept of only needing to use one pad at a time on a horse to give optimum comfort – rather than have to put a layer after layer of pads to give enough protection. The race pad saddle range includes pads with added protection under the saddle panels, pads with 100% British wool and anti slip pads.

Also available are seat savers and accessories and the products for the jockey including NuuMed’s very distinctive Jockey Kit bag.

HiWither half wool race exercise pad (SP03)

£ 86.08 incl VAT.

This uniquely styled, smart HiWither forward cut pad gives high levels of protection to the horses back. Ideal for use under race exercise saddles - and is often used under some styles of forward cut saddles.

Made in hardwearing 12oz cotton quilt, with half wool backing and deep vinyl strip along the bottom of the flap for increased durability.

The wool is knitted onto a cotton yarn giving you all the wool you need with no skin attached. Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture allowing you to keep your horse dry & comfortable. The natural fibres of the wool are less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies. Machine washable.

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HiWither half wool race exercise pad (SP03)

HiWither half wool race exercise pad (SP03)